The Five Top Country Music Group

In the last decade there has been a massive resurgent of country music. Though we have always loved country, from the great stories the songs tell to the amazing tunes they play. At the heart of country music are group acts in particular trios. Here is a highlight of the five biggest trio acts in country music.

Lady Antebellum


The American country music group hails from the home of country music Nashville, Tennessee back. Composed of lead singer Hillary Scott, lead and guitar player, Charles Kelly and finally background vocals, piano and guitar player, Dave Haywood. Through capitol records the groups has released five albums since 2007 when they debited Lady Antebellum. Three of which are certified platinum and they have won both Grammys and CMA awards for their amazing work as country music trio group.

Band Perry


Signed by Republic Nashville back in 2009 and then debut there highly successful self-titled debut album “if I die young”. The title song to their album was number one both the U.S billboard hot country song and Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks, and was certified quadruple platinum. The band Perry though there success as country musicians have moved on to Interscope to try the great transition to pop music.

Rascal Flatts


Through the Disney Music Group, Lyrics Street Records they have released seven albums all of which are certified platinum or higher by the RIAA. With 25 singles and 13 of which have reached the top of the hot country songs list or and country airplay. The simple beginning singing in honky tanks and bars in Columbus, Ohio, into music fame inspires there great efforts to record their hit songs.

The Browns

The American country and folk song groups exuded the charm and simplicity of the 60’s country music scene. There however recognised best for their 1959 Grammy nominated “The Three Bells”. Group composed OF Jim Ed Brown and his sisters Maxine and Bonnie Brown had a successful go at it and were inducted into the country hall of fame in 2015 for their efforts in music.

Top country love songs

Top country love songs

Country music is a popular genre of American music. It originated from the southern side of USA in early 1990. Country music derives its routes from the western music and southeastern American folk music genre.

Musicians of country music have various sources of inspirations when it comes to composing their music. Some of the music is sad; sometimes it is a happy song. It may a valentine or wedding dedication.


Top country love songs and the occasions

Weddings are a big deal. They only happen once and it calls for something close to perfection. The choice of the wedding song will greatly affect the mood of the ceremony. Here are a few country music collections that will grace weddings:

“Making memories of us” by Keith Urban

We all love Keith Urban. He has the looks and his voice is melodious. The song is written by Rodney Crowell. In his song, he promises to love and sleep with his soul mate. He also promises to respect the mother in law and learn from the father. It is a romantic song that will blow you away.

Valentine songs

14th February is the day of lovers. Dedicate “More Than You’ll Ever Know” by Travis Tritt to your sweetheart. Let them know that they are special and loved.

“One More Day with You” by Diamond Rio is an all time classic. The musician talks about how he wishes to spend another day with his sweetheart.



The odor of roughage, the smell of wood loads of string lights sticking around and the sound of shoes on the moving floor, influencing to everything from bluegrass to Modern Country or Pop. The excellence of country weddings is that they can be as laid back or opulent as you need them to be, which is the reason there are such a large number of beautiful nation wedding thoughts there.

Whether you’re tossing a nation wedding for 40 or 300, in an animal dwelling place or in an urban space, you don’t inexorably need to be outside or in the nation to have one. A ton of nation wedding thoughts can be pretty much as at home. I really incline toward nation weddings in a city setting–they’re a great deal more startling and fun. That’s why the unusual nation weddings are becoming so popular. For the fans of the unusual – is ideal for unusual anniversary gifts.

I’ve gathered together a couple of my most loved nation wedding thoughts, underneath, to show what you can do including your wedding dress to your bar or wedding solicitations. What’s more, remember that on the grounds that specific setups are outside these can without much of a stretch be changed to work in a city abiding. The thoughts are as specified underneath:

Tulle combined with denim or plaid is so astounding for the flower girls, bride or bridesmaids. Furthermore, who can overlook the cowhand boots; this will be an immaculate match.

With regards to men’s style, tweed, linen and cotton are nation wedding staples for folks relying upon the season.

Put the cowpoke caps to great use: Have the bloom girls or ring conveyor carry one down the path. You can also use them to hold blooms on your wedding tables.

Talking about blooms, you can never go wrong with basic and sweet at country weddings.

Fuse wood and cotton into your wedding bunch for a really Southern feel.

Use lightweight fabrics for your tablecloths and curtains to give a surface equalization.

Natural entryways and wood boards can be used for service stylistic layout or as a fun guestbook. You can also use them not far off in another house.

Horseshoes can twofold as both escort cards and wedding favors. Simply make certain to advise visitors to hang them so they make a U-shape within their front entryway.

Stripped cakes can be made for country weddings. Top them with blooms and fruits for a provincial look.